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Benefits of Dithiophosphate BA

Dithiophosphate BA exhibits specific properties for separating silver, copper, lead and activated zinc sulfide minerals and difficult polymetallic ores.
The collective performance of dithiophosphate BA is weak for the pyrite and magnetizing pyrite, but is strong for the galena in the weak base ore pulp.
It is well-known that Dithiophosphate BA is helpful in recovery of platinum,gold and silver.The reagent has exhibited weak frothing property. Xanthate with the product instead of floating gold, the gold recovery and concentrate grade and a greater high.
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Our main production involves various Xanthates Flotation (Sodium Ethyl Xanthate, Potassium Ethyl Xanthate, Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate),Dithiophosphates Flotation(Dithiophosphate 25,Dithiophosphate 25S,Dithiophosphate BA,Dithiophosphate BS)